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Guided Practice

Technique focus

Come along with Frankie and Kathy each month as they break down the fundamentals of art so that you can apply them to your coloring (or painting) as you build your art skills and confidence. Focus one week practicing the basic elements.  Another week applying the practice on an image.  At the end of the month we will journal our key learnings for the month to keep for future reference.

Videos & Downloads

Visual Guidance

Your practice is supplemented with weekly videos that guide your practice, Practice With Me demonstration and 2 Minute Tip videos.  Each month comes with new downloads, starting with the Drill Sheet, followed by two line art images for coloring and lastly a Reference Guide of the monthly technique. Each of these documents complied make an excellent practice journal for you to keep.

Community Support


Community Practice membership includes access to the Practice Corner Forums where members can post their work, ask questions or share non-practice art projects they are working on.  Once a month the Community Practice members meet live for an hour for a short presentation on the current technique followed by a general discussion of things practice related.


Try Today

So you really want to practice, you know you should practice . . . but let’s be honest, you would rather just color or paint right? We understand that, we had the same feeling ourselves until it happened—we had become artists while we were practicing!  And you can too.


Let us be your guide to learning more about your coloring through a practice routine that will build your art skills and confidence so that you too can become the artist you want to be. 


Get your free "Small Piece of the Corner” to get a look inside our practice community.  Simply subscribe to receive access to your mini (free) practice routine kit and you can be on your way to improving your coloring as you master a basic skill that doesn’t come as natural as everyone thinks.  

Colorful Pencils

Building skill one stroke at a time


The secret no one ever told you is that talent is practice wrapped up to look like magic.  You have seen the work of so many talented people and thought if only you had half of their talent you would be happy.  Well you are in luck because you can be just as talented as they are by doing one thing - Practice.

Practice Corner Community

Hello my name is Kathy,

I'm so excited that you have taken a few minutes to check out the Practice Corner.  I have been here since Frankie opened the doors to the Corner.  Her passion and commitment to provide a community to fellow art enthusiast like you and me so that we can grow our art skills and confidence has impacted my art in ways I never could have imagined.  

Practice has taught me to embrace experimenting with my art.  The discoveries I make push me further than following a step-by-step tutorial

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 11.04.23

Hello, and I am Frankie

I'm the one who talked Kathy into being my practice partner and I couldn't have found a better partner as we have learned so much from each other.  I have become obsessed with practicing.  I have learned to improve my drawings from the one you see here on the left in 2019 to the improvement I did on the right in 2020. 

The most important thing I have learned is that talent is not magical it is simply practice.  Anyone can be an amazing artist, practice is the path to get there.


Take your Art to the Next Level

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