to the corner where I practice my art

Hi my name is Phrankie.  This space was created for artists, fans, followers, and art collectors alike to come together and share ideas, experiences, tips, tricks and simply enjoy the artistic journey.  

This corner on the internet is where I get creative and enjoy sharing what I have learned.  I also love talking with other artists and picking their brains on how they approach their art and picking up new tips and techniques. 

No matter what practice means to you there is  something here that will help you in your practice journey.  

A bit about me...

I started my journey back in 2015 when I purchased my first Copic markers and tried my hand at adult coloring after really long days at work.  I fell in love the moment I finished my first project.  I knew then I wanted to practice to get better.  Each day I practiced specific techniques to improve my skill.  I also learned several effective ways to practice.  I am happy to share with you what I have learned.  Practice can be fun especially with others, so join me in The Practice Corner anytime.  I will be here working on the next project. 

Whats around the corner...

The shop is filled with art work from prints to original paintings.  There are items that can be printed on canvas, metal, and wood.  Contact Phrankie to get special prints made for your needs.

While drawing each piece my imagination takes off.  I start to wonder who this character is and how did they get to this moment I am drawing at the time.  This is where I collect all of the stories behind my art.  You are welcome to join the library where you have access to all of the video stories.  Each video story you will not only hear the story but also watch the drawing process from beginning to end.  There are two tiers in the Library - 

Sometimes we need motivation to keep us focus on our goals.  The Motivation Station is the place that will give you the inspiration you need.  Find sticker packs with motivational quotes that will keep you on track.  Stick them on your water bottles, laptops, books, any where you need a little pick me up when you need it most. 

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