The Practice Corner FAQs


How many videos are released each month?

The Practice Corner produces four videos per month, one per week.

Do I have to be at the computer at a particular time to participate?

All videos are pre-recorded with a new video released each week.  You can watch at your convenience until they expire.

Where can I purchase older expired Practice Corner materials?

Expired monthly materials (Practice Technique Packs) will be available in the Practice Corner Shop.

Where can I send questions?

You can contact the Practice Corner at  Due to high volume of email and time zone differences, please allow 2 - 3 business days for a response, longer over holidays or times of peak activity.


Will Frankie and/or Kathy evaluate my project personally and reply?

The Practice Corner is run day-to-day by Frankie with Kathy serving as technical backup. Keep in mind that the Practice Corner is not a project-based program. The focus is on the physical act of practicing not completing a coloring project.  Frankie and/or Kathy will provide feedback on your practice drills and projects.  You can post any project you are currently working on in the appropriate forum to request feedback and/or direction from fellow community members.


Can someone tell me if I am ready to color at intermediate or advanced level?

There are a lot of variables that determine what level you color at. While we enjoy looking at your coloring samples and reading your personal story, it doesn't tell us what your skills truly are. For instance, if you have followed a tutorial closely, we may be seeing your amazing talent for following tutorials rather than your artistic instincts and hand dexterity.

We suggest reading the Vanilla Arts guide here to better estimate your skill & comfort level. You can also post photos of your work in the General Forum for member input. Our members know exactly how it feels to start fresh and they’re an excellent resource.  


Note: Forum moderators are instructed NOT to offer skill evaluations.  You must make the decision based upon honest self-reflection and the checkpoints listed in this guide.  


The Practice Corner is for everyone regardless the level of your coloring skills.  Each month there will be a basic level coloring image, as well as a challenge image for the intermediate or advanced colorist that want to push themselves beyond the technique of the month.

What kind of drawing skills are required?

No drawing skills are required. Membership includes access to digital images and printable learning aids.


I’m nervous about sharing my projects in public or I don’t want to share at all. Can I still participate?

The Gallery and the Forums are there for your benefit, but you are not obligated to participate.  You will miss the added benefits of the community support if you chose to not participate.

We do not offer feedback via email. If you want project evaluation, you must share your project photo in the appropriate forum area.

Is there a free sample of The Practice Corner to help me decide if this membership is right for me?

Due to the digital nature of the Practice Corner and the learning aids, we cannot offer free samples or refunds.

You can easily unsubscribe which will prevent further subscription charges.

What if I sign up and find I’m not ready for this level of coloring?

Due to the digital nature of the Practice Corner and the learning aids, we cannot offer refunds. You can easily unsubscribe which will prevent further subscription charges.

What if I fall behind? Will I be able to catch up to the group after a few weeks or months away?

Regular practice is encouraged but every student works on their own timeline. However, feedback on the monthly exercises will only occur during the month it is released.


Can I post my class projects on the internet? Can I sell my class projects? Can I enter my projects into shows or exhibits?

Feel free to share your class exercise photos online but please indicate that it is a Practice Corner class assignment rather than your own original artwork. Linking directly to is always appreciated.

Note: Taking credit for class assignments as original artwork is self-defeating. You will always know that it wasn’t your idea, design, drawing, color palette, or technique selection. But here’s the other problem, when people see you make amazing art, they expect you to always make amazing art. So, when you finally put out your own original artwork and the new work looks radically different than the more professional looking class projects, it will be obvious that you lied by omission. It’s much better to say from the beginning that “this is a class project and I’m still learning.” Then friends and family can celebrate your hard work and growth! 

You may not sell finished or unfinished Practice Corner images. Amy Schulke of Vanilla and Kathy Fernandez-Sierra of hold all rights to the line drawing, the concept, and the intellectual materials used to produce your printable learning guides. 

We do not advise entering Practice Corner or Vanilla Arts projects into contests, shows, or exhibits. Most events have strict rules against submitting kits, tutorial projects, and class assignments. They want original artwork. If the rules do not prevent assignment submissions, then limited permission to show is granted when:

  • any Vanilla Arts and Practice Corner logos must be clearly present in your finished artwork 

  • you must clearly indicate on the submission form that this was a Practice Corner project 

  • any descriptive cards next to the artwork must indicate “Line drawing by"

How do I watermark my projects before posting them to the gallery?

We do not provide watermarking service, nor do we recommend that you watermark your project assignments. The Forum is private paid membership and the images are not displayed in high resolution formats. Your assignment is unlikely to be stolen. It's more important that we see your coloring clearly so that we can provide you the best support possible.


Why do I need to be a member if I only want to view the Practice Corner videos?

The Practice Corner is a membership that uses videos to help teach you to develop a practice routine. The videos, printable learning aids and access to the community for feedback and support are only available to members.


Why does access to the Practice Corner monthly content expire?

The Practice Corner is a guided practice community where we help you develop your coloring practice routine with targeted techniques, which change each month. You are paying for access, not ownership.

To keep the subscription fee low and to make it fair to the people who have been faithfully subscribed from the beginning, we limit the number of techniques available.

Where can I find the Practice Corner session I purchased last year?

Practice Corner is a monthly membership subscription that allows access only while your membership is current.  It does not grant lifetime access to the videos, printable learning aids or access to the community for feedback and support. When a monthly practice technique expires, it’s monthly technique pack will become available for purchase in the Practice Corner shop.

How long do I have access to Practice Corner exercises?

You must be enrolled to access the Practice Corner printable learning aids. When your subscription or membership ends, so does your access.  Access to the videos, printable learning aides and community feedback and support run for thirty days from the effective date of your membership (for monthly members), or 180 days from the effective date of your membership (for 6 month members) or for 365 days from the effective date of your membership (for annual members).

All active members have access to the current month’s Practice Corner videos and printable learning aids for the duration of the current month.  Members that continue their membership, without a break in their subscription, gain access to the next month’s videos and printable learning aids on the first day of the next month but continue to have access to the prior months content until the end of the second continuous month via the Practice Corner Membership Archive.    

Can I join for only one month?

Sure! But understand that you lose ALL access to all Practice Corner videos, printable learning aids, and the community feedback and support when your membership runs out.

Billing automatically occurs every month on the same day of the month that you originally subscribed. It is your responsibility to unsubscribe BEFORE the start of your next billing cycle.  We do not offer refunds when you fail to unsubscribe before the billing cycle repeats. We also do not pro-rate your monthly subscription if you subscribe or unsubscribe mid-month.

If I cancel my subscription, can I still watch the videos?

You can cancel at any time in during your billing cycle.  If you do, you will not be billed at the start of the next billing cycle, but you continue to have access to all areas of the Practice Corner Members Corner until the end of your current billing cycle.  As an example, if you started your membership on the 13th of a month, you are a member until the 13th of the following month.  If you cancel on the 28th, you will not be billed on the again, but continue to have access through the 12th of the following month.  Expired monthly Practice Technique Packs will be available for purchase in the Practice Corner shop.  

I unsubscribed last month but now I cannot find the Practice Corner videos from when I was still a member. How do I access the content I previously paid for?

You only have access to the Practice Corner materials while your subscription is active.

To access videos and current printable learning aids again, you can re-subscribe or purchase an expired monthly Practice Technique Pack from the Practice Corner shop.

When will I be billed each month?

We automatically bill members on the anniversary day of their initial subscription.

Example: If you joined on the 12th, you will be billed each month on the 12th. However, for those joining on the 31st, your billing renewal date will become the 1st.  As an example, you subscribe on March 31, your first renewal charge will be billed on May 1, and then the 1st of each month there after.  


I just tried to join the Practice Corner and the system wants to charge me full price, but the month is almost over. Help!

Don't worry! You are paying for a full month's access (30 - 31 days). You will not be billed again until this date next month.  Example:  You subscribe on January 23 and are charged the full monthly price, you have full access to the entire content for January and will have full access to February content through February 22 when the system will bill for the next 30 days of membership.


Do you offer discounts?

There are three membership options available.  Both the six-month and annual plans are at a discounted rate.


Can I upgrade my subscription?

Not at this time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Access your members profile and scroll to the bottom of the menu.  Click on Cancel Subscription.  Fill out the form and submit.  


Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of digital materials, we cannot offer refunds.  We also do not pro-rate your monthly subscription when you unsubscribe mid-month.


Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Gift certificates are available in the Practice Corner Shop.


Can I purchase a subscription without using a credit card?

We accept major credit cards as well as PayPal. We do not accept personal checks or money orders by mail,and we cannot accept online cash transfers.

What if my credit card is declined?

The system will put your membership into "pending" status, during which time you will not have access to the Members Corner of the Practice Corner website, until the payment has been successfully processed.

Please use your account page update or change your payment details.


How do I change my contact info or personal details?

You can make changes to your contact information by accessing your Membership Profile.

If you need assistance, please email us at


What supplies and colors do I need?

The Practice Corner does not require a specific set of supplies. Please use any combination of paper and coloring mediums you might like as you explore the technique/skill of the month. We do recommend that you use this opportunity to practice your chosen media rather than floundering between trendy products.  You cannot master the things you do not repeat.


Can I substitute colors?

Absolutely! What better time to experiment than when working through exercises versus a special project?


What printer should I use?

All office grade printers and commercial copy machines which use heat-set toner rather than ink are safe for Copic use.  Some ink-based printers are safe but most are not. There is no spray, heat setting, or cure time that will transform unsafe printing into Copic safe printing!


What is Break-Time Chat?

Break-Time Chat is a once-a-month, on-line gathering of active Practice Corner members that share their practice experiences and/or projects currently in progress that they want to share.   


When is the Break-Time Chat?

The second Thursday of the month, from 7:00 p.m. EST – 7:30 p.m. EST.  


Can I watch the Break-Time Chat offline?

No.  You must be on-line and logged into your Skype account at the scheduled time of the Break-Time chat.  When possible, excerpts from the recording of the Break-Time Chat will be available under Week 3 video at the Practice Corner.


How do I participate in the Break-Time chat?

At least one hour before the Break-Time (7:00 p.m. EST) you must:

  • Install “Skype” on your device/computer before 6:45 p.m. EST 

  • Post your email address associated with your Skype account in the Practice Corner – Monthly Forum – Week 2 Practice Image – Let’s Color and Break Time Chat

  • In addition to your email address, post an image of any work you want feedback on during the live chat

  • On the day of the Break-Time Chat, you will receive a reminder message from Skype about the upcoming Break-Time Chat.

  • Log into Skype 10 minutes prior to the start of the session (6:50 p.m. EST)

  • Accept the invitation from Skype to “join the chat”


Do I have to be “on camera” to participate?

No. If you don’t want to be seen by others, you don’t have to turn the camera on to still be able to listen and chat with everyone else.


Can I watch the Practice Corner videos offline?

No. You must be logged into your Practice Corner account to access all class content including videos.


Can I download the videos?

No. We do not allow video downloads. You must be logged into your Practice Corner account to watch videos.  Expired monthly Practice Technique Packs (including the 4 weekly videos) can be purchased in the Practice Corner shop.


Do the videos have closed captioning or subtitles?

Not at this time.


How do I activate my gift subscription?

Please go through the standard Practice Corner purchase process. Enter the coupon code from the gift certificate at the time of checkout time. 

Who do I contact for help?

Email us at:

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm United States Eastern Time.

Due to the high volume of email, please allow 2-3 business days to respond, longer over holidays or times of peak activity.


What is private coaching?

This is a one-on-one session with Frankie and Kathy to work through current coloring issues, problems, or direction on a new project.  This is a 30 minute scheduled Skype session available to annual members.