Practice will reveal your talent

Why doesn't your coloring look the way you want?


You've taken enough coloring classes and courses to be comfortable and (maybe even) confident with your markers and colored pencils.

You're very good at coloring as long as you have a class project to work on.  

Your skills are improving... So why does it feel like there's still something missing?

If you dream it, you can do it.

Practice your way

to being an artist!

What is the missing piece?

Coloring Classes are

not enough

Coloring classes, courses and/or workshops are designed to spark your interest and keep you buying fresh classes.  You may experience new techniques while you color new images, but you are focused on the completion of the class project instead of the process.  As a result, you don't build your skills to become an independent artist.  You are dependent on another coloring class.  

However, taking class after class isn't the way we learn, grow, and develop into an artist.  If you're always trying something new, you're never truly mastering anything.

Artistry, real skill, and amazing creativity comes from practicing until the new technique becomes an ingrained skill. 

You absorb a technique via repetition to make it a permanent part of you.

We understand that practice isn't natural

First, you're busy and we know that practice takes time.  So if you're going to reserve

a bit of your free time for coloring exercise, it must be a practical and effective.  

Next, what should you practice?  You've tried challenge prompt downloads from the internet, and while it feels comforting to have a prepared list, how are you supposed to practice prompt words like bloom, temptation, or ennui?

And practice by yourself is not fun.  You start out with the best of intentions but the mind wanders and without direction, feedback or community support your dedication falters.


The Practice Corner provides the techniques to focus on during your practice, new images each month to color and feedback and direction on your colored artwork from the community of like minded artist on the same path to becoming independent and confident artists.  

Let's take the next step together . . . 

We were the consummate adult colorers.  We have taken class after class hoping to get better at coloring.  We wanted to be talented like the people we admired on social media, their artwork being off-the-chart amazing. 


What we didn't realize was there was one big thing missing in our pursuit of becoming better colorers - practice. 

One day we just decided we would color together by creating a coloring project each week.  We started this just so that we would get back to coloring.  We had no idea what was happening.  By the end of the challenge our skills had improved dramatically from the very first project.  We created a practice routine and that routine turned out to be the key to our success.  

And now we want to share our experience and practice strategies with you, right here in our practice community. 


Join us, where we will guide your practice routine that will build your skills and confidence as you practice your way to becoming an independent artist.


Hi, I'm Frankie

Hi, I'm Kathy

We teamed up to practice,  
in the process
we became artists.

Now we're sharing our practice strategies with you!


The Practice Corner is a community of like-minded intermediate to advanced colorers who want to hone the techniques and methods they've learned here at Vanilla Arts and in other classes.


Frankie keeps you inspired and motivated with regular videos and discussions.


Kathy shares digital stamps and challenge prompts designed to help you narrow in on the skills you most need to master.


And both of us offer the kind of support you can only get from another artist-in-training. Someone who understands where you're starting and where you want to go, because we've been there too!

What's Around the Corner?

Monthly Skill
Fresh Creativity Boosts
Practice Images

Practice the skill of the month with the group, deep diving on one essential technique.  

Skill building helps you make it an automatic reflex.

Color the monthly image and give the challenge image a try.

Live Corner Chat
Weekly Videos
Corner Snippets

Watch weekly video discussions where we give tips, tutorials, and targeted techniques to make your practice easier.

Join the community once a month live chat.

Membership Forums
Feedback & Support
Practice Partners

Keep the conversations going with multiple discussion forums and feedback areas.  

Share your work with the community and help support others as they practice with you.

The Path to Independent Artistry is Here

The Practice Corner is a place to share the joy of learning in a supportive community of creative people. 


We are a unique group that focuses on honing techniques and strengthening our art skills. The practice process is the key, not the creation of a beautiful art journal, impressive Instagram feeds, or framable art. We practice to develop proficiency not projects.

It is important to understand that the Practice Corner is NOT a class.  There are no step-by-step tutorials to follow.  The Practice Corner is designed to support independent study by those that have familiarity with Copic Markers and/or colored pencils.

If you're ready to practice effectively and strengthen your skills, this is the community for you.

Join the Practice Corner

Proof is in the practice . . . look what's being created in the Corner

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Check out these great classes at Vanilla Arts where you will learn the techniques we practice with each month.  Learn how to use  professional artist techniques to add realism into your coloring projects.