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Do you wish coloring was as easy at it looks?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I recently ran across this quote from Jim Rohn, who said

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.”

Boy did those words strike a chord with me! I am embarrassed to say there are many things over the course of my lifetime that I started but didn’t finish. The reasons I didn’t finish were many. Maybe I got bored along the way, or I got frustrated because I just couldn’t make it work, or the instructions (if there were any) didn’t make sense, I swear the kit didn’t have all the right pieces, the sun and moon didn’t align that day, my dog ate my homework. I could go on. What ever the excuse, the reason was always centered around the fact I knew I wasn’t good at what I was trying to do, it was just too hard.

Why is it at those critical points I don’t think to take a deep breath, maybe step away for a day or two and then come back? When I do that, it’s amazing how often things work themselves out. Doesn’t really matter what the reason is for that. What matters is when I don’t quit or give in because it is hard I normally get to the desired outcome.

That is true with my coloring too. Have you ever been working on a project that no matter what you do, it just isn’t turning out. You are getting frustrated and then the inner voice that was only whispering an hour ago is now screaming,

“You aren’t good enough, what were you thinking, you know you can't do this!”

Yep, that happens to me too. I used to give in to that voice, but not any more. Some wise person pointed out that when I get to this point I’m close to my next artistic breakthrough. If I give in to it, I won’t get there, if I keep going I will reap the rewards. And it’s true. This is the time to keep going.

So how do I get myself to not wad up my paper and declare I’m getting off the artistic track once and for all? Simple, I listen for that voice and when it starts getting louder, I get excited! I tell myself, “keep going . . . keep going . . . it’s going to happen, you are on the brink of another artistic breakthrough”. I admit it, It’s just a mind shift, but acknowledging it really works for me. Instead of giving in when the going gets tough, I celebrate that something good is about to happen.

The next time you find yourself in this situation and you think you just can’t figure it out . . .

Don’t wish coloring were easier ~ practice until you are better at it!

In the end, you will have developed new skills and therefore it will be easier for you. We aren’t supposed to go through life with regrets, but who knows, maybe if I had stuck with my piano practice I would be playing at Carnegie Hall now? That, my friend, we’ll never know.

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