How My First Coloring Project Turned into My Lifetime Passion

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I remember the first time I decided to color something for a crafty project. I watched a YouTube video where the person talked about how alcohol markers made coloring so much easier. I didn't really know what she meant but it looked like a lot of fun. I started looking around for images to color and what markers I should use. Who knew that taking that first step on this creative path would change my world completely? As a girl who loves almost everything crafty, I usually would get sucked into the new craft phenomena and buy every tool that goes along with it. As soon as the excitement wore off, I was off to try the new crafty project. All my crafty buddies know exactly what I am talking about here, but I want to share with you today how my first coloring project ignited my passion for drawing and what key things I have done to keep myself just as excited today as I was on the first project I created.

In the photo here you will see my very first coloring project (on the right side). It was a cute big-eyed girl from the Saturated Canary line art collection. I was drawn to this image and decided to just dive in and try it. I remember how shocked I was on how easy the Copic ink covered the area and how relaxing the process was. When I was done with the image I was thrilled with the result. I loved the process of blending three colors together to make it look like there was shade on her face. Even though I went outside the lines a little bit I was really happy and thought I need to do this again. I bought a few more images to color and went to town coloring something every day. This opened a whole new world to me, as I paid attention to more videos and looked for as much information that I could absorb about this coloring thing. I came across online classes from Vanilla Arts. Taking these classes took the spark I got from coloring and lit the fire for my artistic passion.

I learned how to use skills "real" artists use to improve my coloring. At that time, I thought wow I am getting the secrets that artist know - which kept my excitement going on each project. Learning how to make things look further away or closer by simply coloring was incredible to me. I didn't know it was a skill to make an image look realistic. I really thought people were born with natural ability from birth. Just like there are genius kids who can solve mathematical equations in their head, I assumed there were naturally talented people who could magically put marks on paper that looked like masterpieces. When I realized I could learn how to make my coloring look better I soaked up every class I could get myself into. Where I went wrong is that I also assumed that just taking a class one time and learning the techniques was enough to make my coloring instantly better. This is where a new door opened on this artistic journey for me. After I colored that first image, about six months later, I decided to take all of the knowledge I had learned from all of my classes and try coloring this same image again just to see how much I improved. It was better but still not where I wanted to be. I saw there were things I wanted to get better at, like improving the realism of her hair and the folds in her dress.

This is where my passion for practicing started to kick in. I decided at that moment that I would work on one thing each week to get better so in the next six months I could see even more improvement. So, what I did was find a bunch of coloring images with big hair or interesting hair and I printed them all out and stacked them on my coloring table. Each day after work I came home and colored one of them--really taking my time with the hair and practicing how to make the hair have shape. Then I spent a week coloring eyes, then I spent a week working on mouths, and so on. When I pulled out this first image a year later and colored it again I found that I had grown very quickly. I tell you I was very surprised putting my first image next to the one I did a year later I was super proud that my coloring had grown so much.

Each year I run this exercise once or twice again seeing how much I have changed. This year I have started drawing my own images and thought I would challenge myself to recreate my first image by drawing it in the style I am currently doing. I drew this picture you see here based on my original coloring image. I cannot tell you how much fun it was to create this image. Now looking at these two projects side by side I would have never guessed that 5 short years I would be drawing my own images. I have to say how amazed I am with what practicing really does for you. I would have never believed that spending about 30 minutes each day coloring focused on one thing would have taken me so far. Now that I have done it, I want everyone to know you can do this too. I don't have any special talent or magical gifts; this was simply practicing that made my passion and my confidence grow. If you don't believe me - try it out for yourself. Take 30 minutes each day this week to do the thing you love doing - coloring and see how your first project will improve when you do it again 6 months from now.

Practice your skill and grow your talent.

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