• Kathy

Let's Try This One More Time

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Hi, it's Kathy from The Practice Corner and you caught me finishing up my latest challenge piece called "Gray Matter" from www.VanillaArts.com. This is a workshop I originally completed in May 2017 that Frankie recently challenged me to recolor it again to see how my coloring has progressed, or if I could modify it anyway to put my own spin on it.

After accepting the challenge I sat down and tried to decide how might make these cherries look a bit different. That's when I came up with the idea to dip them in chocolate! Once decided, it was time to print my image on my paper, sit down with my Copic markers and underpaint the entire image. After all that, I went to work with my colored pencils to add details and intensify my colors.

The interesting thing about this challenge is that even though the workshop comes with a step-by-step video I didn't rewatch it! So that was a big indicator that my coloring process has really progressed because the first time I colored this I had to watch the video and hit the stop button, do whatever was being done in the video, then hit the play button over and over until I finished. This time I simply sat down and was able to think my way through the whole process to create my latest rendition.

That's just one thing we do in The Practice Corner, we help you learn how to make decisions about your coloring project and work through issues until you finish your project.

So if you don't think you've made progress in your coloring, then I challenge you to go back and re-color something you've done in the past. Then, like I did, compare them side-by-side and really look to see what differences you've achieved in your coloring. Like me, I bet you will look at yours and realize your artistry has grown too.

If you aren't practicing your coloring you aren't improving. Come on in and practice with all of us!

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