• Kathy

Is It Time to Get Reacquainted With an Old Friend

Is your coloring progress currently sitting on top of the "I don't seem to be getting any better at this" plateau? You know that place where the creativity well has dried up, and as a result your motivation has been switched off too. I know this place, unfortunately I've been there.

While on the plateau I often find myself looking over at my desk and just dreaming about all the fun I've had with my paint brushes, Copic markers and colored pencils. I marvel at how loyal they are as they stand tall in their cups just waiting for me to return.

Have you ever noticed the longer it takes you to get back to your coloring, the harder it is sometimes to pick up that brush, marker or colored pencil? When it comes to my brushes, I actually can forget

what they do. It is so easy for me to forget

what I was doing that made me buy that fan brush, why I needed a big bottle of Copic colorless blender, and for goodness sakes, how did I use these watercolor colored pencils?

In The Practice Corner we are all about practicing coloring techniques. When we focus on a technique we start to learn what our tools do for us and what we can expect of them.

Today I am going to suggest that you spend a little time focusing on the tool instead of the technique. Get out those loyal coloring companions from your drawer or those sitting on your desk and really play with them. See what they can do. Put some paint on that fan brush and

see what it does.

You might just trigger some old techniques you forgot all about that will bring new twist to a current project. Or you might discover that using watercolor colored pencils as your base layers speeds up your coloring process. You might find out that those pencils that you thought you didn't like are now your favorite.

That happened to me. I bought a set of pencils that sat in the drawer for more than a year because each time I used them I felt like I was coloring with sandpaper. What I found out by reacquainting myself with these pencils is that I was never putting enough color down on the paper. Once I built up enough layers, the pencils were smooth and the colors were beautiful. So take some time during your practice and grab a tool you haven't used in a while or don't

really know what it's capable of and give it a workout!

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Here's a little something I came up with while playing with a few of my most loyal markers and colored pencils as I could. If you want to see more of my work, feel free to stroll through my Instagram photos, and here's where you can find out more about how to develop your coloring practice routine.

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