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Let's Color This One More Time

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Hi, it's Kathy from The Practice Corner and you caught me finishing up my latest project titled "Seashell Trio" from VanillaArts. This is a new online workshop that features a digital stamp that I colored back in August of 2018.

When this new class came across my computer screen I knew I had to color it again as a way to measure how my coloring process and/or coloring is progressing (I'm always challenging myself to see if I can modify an image to put my own spin on it).

When I sit down to color something over again, I get this sense it will be easy because I've done it before.

But this wasn't that easy . . . why is that?

I've learned that the reason for me has everything to do with the "thinking" process. Or in this case, my lack of thinking. When I color from a live class or tutorial that someone else has done all the preparation for I feel like I have to pay close attention to their instructions. When I sit down with my printed image and all the color supplies for the project I don't know where I'm going if I don't follow the instructor.

As I take the time to examine my two projects now it's interesting. My first thought was that I haven't made any great strides here. But upon closer inspection I realize that the changes I've made might be subtle, but the result is that my coloring looks a little more mature to me. Here's what I know from this current coloring experience:

  • I didn't play the video when I colored today (2020). I relied solely on reference photos. Even though the project came with a great reference photo, I took the time to explore more starfish and murex shell photos.

  • I added more details in the conch shell

  • I didn't "blend" everything smooth

  • I added more texture and color

  • I feel like I got more "fullness" to my shells

  • My cast shadow is more subtle

Did I do a perfect job here? Well, if I asked my mother I'm sure she would say yes. But I know that if I color this again I have plenty of room for improvement. But for today I do believe I can see, and feel, I'm making forward progress in my coloring.

How about you? Have you taken the time to look at your coloring lately and measure the progress you are making? If not, I would like to challenge you to go back and re-color something you've done in the past. Then, like I did, compare them side-by-side and really look to see what differences you've achieved in your coloring. Like me, I bet you will look at yours and realize your artistry has grown too.

If you aren't practicing your coloring you aren't improving.

Come on in and practice with us!

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