Practice Strategies for Practice Partners

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

So you found a someone who has agreed to partner up with you to keep you both accountable with your coloring practice. Now what? What do you do with your partner to stay focused - below is a starting list of ideas you can do to make your practice time both fun and interesting for you.

Same Image practice

When both of you decide to color the same image. Give yourself a due date to complete it by (i.e., a week or a two).

Talk to your partner about the process what colors you will use, what medium you will color it in, what part your find the hardest, etc.

By talking your way through the process and sharing progress snapshots of your projects, you will get ideas from your partner on how they color the same thing or they will give you great encouragement when you feel stuck.

Choose a Word practice

You and your partner decide on a word then you find any image or draw anything that pertains to that word.

Give yourself a due date to complete the practice project by.

Create some fun with it by not telling your partner what you have come up with for your project--let it be a surprise.

You can still chat with each other about issues you might be having or if you need some encouragement

Trade-off practice

Each person starts with an image and colors half of the image the way they would normally color or draw the image.

When you have completed your half of the image you switch projects with your partner.

Now you both finish your partners project.

A benefit of this type of practice is that you can see up close how your practice partner colors the same thing, which gives you ideas you may have never thought about.

These are just three ideas to get you started. I will post more each month to help you keep your practice routine interesting and fun with your partner. NOTE- practice partners are not limited to only two people. Practice Partners can be a group of any number of people. The power of practice partners is the consistent feedback, accountability and the joy of sharing this journey with like-minded creative people.

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