Realize your Potential

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Talent... hmmm what is that really?

My accidental art adventure started when I was chasing down more realism in my coloring. I started out as a hobby colorer and ended up as an independent artist. This adventure has taught me many many lessons but the biggest one I have learned:

Talent is built by practice. I should say that again because I have to keep reminding myself of that fact - Talent is built by practice.

Seriously, that is the complete truth. Anyone and I mean ANYONE can draw or paint something incredible. Everyone has this ability. If you can get ink on paper, or scratch a pencil on newsprint, or even splatter paint on cardboard you can be talented. I will tell you the secret formula for talent. You might want to write this down so get a pen ready. The magical formula for talent is.....

practice + practice + practice x practice = experience

Since this long formula is far too technical for the average Joe to say all at once so we shorten it down and call it Talent. In the past when someone would say "Oh she is so talented" I would oogle their work thinking wow I wish their magic would rub off on me. Now I really get it, when people say "Oh she is so talented" I look at their work and admire all of the hard work blood sweat and tears went into developing her skills to that level.

If I can do it on accident, you can certainly do it on purpose.

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