What keeps you coloring . . . the joy of creating, taking classes or both?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

My coloring exploration took off when I found an online coloring class that featured amazing projects. I couldn’t wait to finish one project so that I could start the next. I continued in this fashion for couple of years without giving it any thought. But looking back I know that the sight of beautifully colored class samples was all the motivation I needed to keep coloring.

Then it happened. One day, I thought my coloring exploration had reached its end. Sadly, it seemed I had no desire to color. My motivation bucket was empty. Not even class samples were driving me to the next project. I had reached the point that I wasn’t at all tempted by any of the beautiful floral classes. This didn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate the beauty in floral projects, just meant I have colored enough of them to learn that I don’t like images with hundreds of petals. That’s when I started to look elsewhere for inspiration. If I could find some, I would keep coloring, if not, it was true, I had come to the end of my coloring road.

Amazingly, when you look around you can find inspiration all around. I started by searching the internet for colorful happy subjects to color. I can’t explain it, but I kept landing on cupcakes. Once I started collecting inspiration photos, cupcakes were constantly on my mind and I started seeing them everywhere. Really, they were on wrapping paper, greeting cards, magazines, junk mail and even a few home decor signs . . . the list could go on and on here.

Excited that I now had a great collection of cupcake inspiration, reality hits, I didn’t have any cupcake digital images or rubber stamps to color. If I was going to color a cupcake, I would have to create the image myself. Bad news, I don’t know how to draw. Good news, it’s okay, I have a light box and the motivation now to try this.

Fast forward, I successfully created and colored my first solo cupcake project! It was challenging and at times frustrating, but overall it was fun. The amazing feeling of accomplishment made the entire process worth it. But the real frosting on my cupcake, I was now motivated to do it again. Seems I was not at the end of my coloring path after all!

You might be wondering why I am sharing this story with you. Well, the truth is we all have slumps along our creative paths. I don’t know why it happens to me. Could be as simple as a change of weather, the lingering effects of an extended period of pandemic restrictions, wildfire worries, or the stress of a deadline. It’s not that important to me as to why it happens, but instead, it’s important that I remember it’s temporary. I can get back on the creative path even if it means I head out to find new inspiration to reignite my artistic passions.

What will you do today that feeds your creative side? Will you find a new coloring class or start collecting photos to inspire the next project! Frankie has inspired me to learn to draw so I’m off to sketch . . .

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