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Hello my friend,

I am thrilled to commission you for a practice program.  It is a mini series of short videos showing one of your techniques and how to practice it.  I have been fascinated by your work.  I know there are plenty of budding artists who would love to learn a few tips from you.   As we both know, talent is truly built on practice.  Although no one will ever be just like you we would love to learn the techniques you use so we can practice and incorporate it into our own styles as well.   


If you agree to the commission of $50 for 4 short (2min - 5 min max) videos.  You will find the specific details below on what I need to build the program.  When you complete the items listed below I will build the program on the site along with your bio and links for people to find you on social media and your website.  This program will be housed on The Practice Corner website for anyone to purchase.   I have also sent you a link to give you access to see an example program I have out there right now.  Let me know if you have any questions by sending me a message in the Members Chat tab at the bottom right corner of the website.  I look forward to working with you.



*Program sections:*


Meet the Artist:


Artist Name

Artist Picture

Artist Links to social media:

Artist Bio -

OVERVIEW video -  a 2 min video giving an overview of your practice routine and tips.


Practice Video 1 - 2minute - 5 min (max) showing prep and supplies you need to get started on the practice routine.


Practice Video 2 - 2 minute - 5 min (max) showing the key steps of the technique

☐ What are the goals to achieve

☐ What are the steps to achieve the goal


Practice Video 3 - 2 minute - 5 min (max) showing the routine first in slow mode and again in your regular real time.  Show the assessment what areas to improve.

After completing the steps in the document.  Submit the document and the videos via the submission box to the right.  


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You may need to submit each video individually.  Contact me with any issues through members chat tab at the bottom of the screen.

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